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We are providing you a one-stop destination to clear all your doubts and learn all the ACE topics in easy understandable English language. Well designed mock tests are prepared for you to evaluate yourself before taking the final exam.

The online ACE preparation course will be provided to you at just Rs. 1999/- for 3 months. So, all the ACE aspirant students who are taking regular classes or the ones who are preparing themselves, this preparation course is a must.

What we will offer:

  • Chapters divided in various course categories
  • Each course category contains text/video/graphical lessons
  • Easy to understand language
  • Course at just Rs. 1999/- for 3 months

Read first two free categories from ACE Content to know more about the course.


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What is ACE CPT?

ACE CPT is an NCCA accredited fitness certification by American Council on Exercise to start your career in health & fitness.

This international certification enables you to provide individualized training to your clients to achieve their fitness goals and adopt sustainable, healthy lifestyle and a more active way of life.

You will be educated with scientific-rooted knowledge of human body, hormones, energy systems, nutrition and various other scientific aspects of human anatomy and exercise physiology.

Exam Overview

The ACE Personal Trainer exam is comprised of 150 multiple-choice questions based on 4 subject areas. These subject areas are broken down as follows:

– Client Interviews and Assessments

– Program Design and Implementation

– Progression and Modifications; and

– Professional Conduct, Safety and Risk Management.

You will be allotted 3 hours in which to take the 150-question exam. A passing score is at least 500 out of 800 possible points. Only 125 of the questions are actually scored, as 25 of the questions are experimental. You will not be informed which questions these are, so make every answer count.

There are certain qualifications you must meet in order to sit for the ACE personal trainer exam. You must be at least 18 years of age and hold an adult CPR and AED certificate.

Registering for the Exam

You will need to register for your exam online at

When you register you will choose a day and time to take your exam. You must register for the exam at least 10 days prior to the exam date. There is a cost to register for the exam which must be paid at the time of registration. Once registered, you will receive an admissions ticket, which you will need to present at the exam location on the day of your scheduled exam. Calculators are not permitted.


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Online Training

Have you been working out since a long time and not making progress like the way you wanted?

Fitness goals can become intimidating and demotivating forces if not provided under strategic plan and right guidance. Don’t worry, we will provide you with a smart and scientific approach to become the best version of yourself.

Whether your goals are six-pack abs, gaining muscle mass, lean physique or fat loss, it can be attained by the customized nutrition plan and workout schedule designed by our transformation experts. Start your fitness journey today and buy our 4-week plan below.

What we will offer:

  • Customized diet
  • Weight training routine
  • Stretch guide
  • Supplement recommendation(optional)
  • 24*7 online support
  • Purchase at 3999/- for 4 weeks
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Mock Tests Evaluation

Want to know if you are prepared enough to take your final ACE online exam?

Take our sample mock test and evaluate your ACE exam preparation with well designed questions from ACE experts.

All the questions are concept based and are designed as per ACE examination guidelines. The mock test is time constrained so as to provide a real exam environment.

Buy our Mock Test Series containing 3 online mock tests at 999/- only.

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About ‘Fit With ACE’

“Fit With ACE” is an organisation started by ACE CPT professionals in order to guide, teach and prepare the ACE aspirants to ace their ACE certification.

The website contains various myth bursting and informative articles based on health and fitness for fitness enthusiasts. Online Training Packages have also been included for those who are looking for guided fat loss/muscle gain.


Why Choose Us

  • Guidance provided by India’s top ACE scorers
  • Easy & descriptive ACE material
  • Regular analysis through mock tests
  • Fitness blogs to keep you informed
  • Transforming bodies with the experts


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