ICE or Heat pack… What to use and when?

I have been wanting to write an article on this basic first aid step that many of us get confused about, for so long but life kept me busy. However, a recent injury of a colleague reminded me to put the pen to paper. I will keep it as short and clear as possible for […]

4 Ways to Change your Relationship with Food

Do you eat when you are upset? Do you like to indulge in binge eating as a process to compensate for a bad day? Does it make you feel guilty later on? If your answer to any one of the questions is YES, you need to reevaluate your relationship with FOOD.

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is an amalgamation of breathing, movement and posture that not only promotes body-mind coordination, but also improves strength and flexibility. For many decades there has been research conducted by scientific minds on the benefits of Yoga which outlined various merits such as improving cardio vascular health, curbing of chronic neck and back pain, averting […]

Can Women Workout During Menstruation?

Short answer: Women can and should workout during menstruation.  Long answer: There is no denying the fact that women’s physiology, genes and response to exercise differ considerably from those of men.These differences become all the more significant at the onset of menstrual cycle.

Spot Reduction of Fat

How do I lose extra pounds from hips/ thighs? How to reduce fat from my belly? What should I do to tone my arms and sides? How can I lose weight from my face so that my jaw line appears?

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

  Do you know 80% of people suffer from back pain at one stage or the other during their lives?  This pain can occur at Cervical (Upper back), Thoracic (middle back) or Lumbar (lower back) region of your back. Although pain at any part of your back can be a cause of concern yet the […]


Don’t Befriend Injuries!

  I don’t think there would be anyone around here who does not want a slim-trim or six-pack abs body! And for that we are ready to adopt mindless diet plans, weight training routines and even endless cardio sessions. But are we really listening to our bodies? Are we paying attention to how our structure […]

Do It Right!

Do it Right and avoid workout injuries. Learning the correct techniques, be it for running or weight training, is important. * Do warm-up for at least 10 minutes Keeping the muscles warm before exercising will prevent injuries as it prepares the body for the workout. You could also invest in a lacrosse ball or a foam […]

Warm-Up & Cool-Down Ritual

  Why Warming up and Cooling Down is important? No matter on which level of your fitness journey you are; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, you need to go through the ritual of warming up before workout and cooling down afterwards. Different people use different methodology to prepare their body for upcoming workout. They also will […]

Importance of Bodyweight Exercises

  When we talk about getting fit or building muscles, instantly our mind starts to picture the beautiful ‘Iron’ in the gym. Heading to gym, lifting weights and running on the treadmill is all what we relate to. But do you know what is the first and foremost challenge that a person needs to overcome […]

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