4 Ways to Change your Relationship with Food

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Do you eat when you are upset? Do you like to indulge in binge eating as a process to compensate for a bad day? Does it make you feel guilty later on? If your answer to any one of the questions is YES, you need to reevaluate your relationship with FOOD.

Most of us do not see relationship as something we associate with eating patterns. However, your relationship with food determines how and what you eat. For many obese and overweight people, eating is a resort of seeking momentarily pleasure which can be compared to the high a drug abuse gives. Unmindful eating can be termed as addiction, leaving the person dependent on food due to more of psychological reasons than physical ones.

So what can be done to change this unhealthy relationship with food? For starters there are things that can help change this paradigm.

  1. Replace the unhealthy food with healthy food: It sounds very basic but it is true. First and foremost change is to replace all cookies, chocolates, candies, cakes and processed food items in your house with fruits, nuts (almonds/walnuts), peanuts, fox nuts and palatable unprocessed food. The reason is pretty apparent, whenever you will feel like binge eating; you will search your cookie cabinet in kitchen, if you only have clean food that is what you are going to eat. Generally speaking, nobody runs to market for one piece of candy.


  1. Be mindful of portion size: Overeating is an enemy you need to guard your gut against. Filling the plate 25% less than what we generally eat is a step to create this habit. Eating food for refueling your body rather than stuffing it till you feel bloated should be the thought in your mind next time you sit for the meal.


  1. Pleasure or Pain: Do you associate pleasure or pain to the process of eating? As a human being each one of us is predisposed to repeating acts that derive us pleasure and avoiding actions that cause pain. This inherent quality guides us to make most decisions in our life. To change the relationship of food you need to associate pain with unhealthy food items, creating a mental picture of ill fitted clothes and health issues as a result of obesity. Once you have attached the pain to unhealthy food and pleasure to the healthy food, you will tend to avoid former and start increasing more of latter in your plate.


  1. Drink more water: Last but not the least of course. Water is most under estimated and undervalued source of nature. Not only does water constitutes roughly 70% of human body but also serves plethora of purposes to keep the body functioning. Staying hydrated should be a duty that everyone must perform. Most of the times when you feel hunger pangs, you are not hungry per se but rather dehydrated. This confusion makes you bite food which wasn’t necessary in the first place. In changing parameters of decades old association with food, water can precipitate the process by forging a strong ground as an initial “go to food” whenever you feel like gorging. So, when next time your heart yearns for food, chug on that water bottle and satiate the confused hunger.

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