Don’t Befriend Injuries!

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I don’t think there would be anyone around here who does not want a slim-trim or six-pack abs body!

And for that we are ready to adopt mindless diet plans, weight training routines and even endless cardio sessions. But are we really listening to our bodies? Are we paying attention to how our structure works, how our body movements should be like, how our muscles must be balanced?

With increased awareness about Health & Fitness, increased cost of bodily injuries is paid these days. Eventually, who are the culprits? : 1.) The injured person himself, for not being mindful of his own body 2.) The trainer, for not providing a balanced training program 3.) The Gym, for operating on wrong or incomplete equipments 4.) The system, for notions to slim you down in 30/45/90 etc days.


I DO NOT mean that you can’t lose weight in 30 days or 45 days. Yes ofcourse, you can! But the amount of weight loss will be individualistic. You can not compare others’ results with yours. Nor can you loose weight quickly by doing tons of cardio sessions, doing cross-fit exercises or excessive weight training for that matter.

Improper running styles is dragging us into knee, ankle and hip injuries because we are least bothered about what should be the stride of the foot while striking the ground. Low-back pain is hitting every other person because we are more focused on doing leg-raises to develop abs but least bothered about training inner core unit which supports the spine. And shoulders, it is probably the most common injury these days because we are least bothered about training rotator cuffs and maintaining a push-pull balance in the body.

It is therefore, the need of the hour, to understand that there is SCIENCE behind everything and we must follow these rules to achieve our dream bodies in a healthy and injury-free manner.

We must understand that each joint in our body is held by group of muscles from all the sides which tend to support this joint. Hence, it is necessary that all the adjoining muscle groups are trained simultaneously to avoid muscle imbalances. For example, for a healthier knee joint, there should be a balance in how you train your quadriceps, hamstrings, hip abductors and hip adductors. For a healthy shoulder joint, rotator cuff strengthening, parascapular muscle training is must with a right balance between pushing & pulling movements.

So, it is our job to be mindful of our body. We must listen carefully to the abnormal pains that we have been neglecting over time. We must not be hard on ourselves for looking fit. We must not shy away from consulting an expert for a guided approach.

In short, we don’t need to train hard! INSTEAD, WE NEED TO TRAIN SMART!

Happy & Safe Lifting!

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